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Harris X85HD-AV-2PS
Product no.:HARRIS_X85HD-AV-2PS

Harris X85HD-AV-2PS

Dual-Channel Up/Down/Cross-Conversion, Redundant PSU - with local control panel

11.447,80 ¤ incl. 19% VAT
9.620,00 ¤ net
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270,84 ¤ / month (36 months lease 10% Declining balance)


  • 1RU up/down/cross converter and synchronizer
  • Video and 16-channel audio
  • Local control panel
  • Redundant power supply (dual-channel .27/1.5 Gb/s conversion)
  • For 3 Gb/s capability
  • The X85OPT-3G software key option is required

Building on the proven capabilities of its industry-acclaimed predecessor, the X75 synchronizer/converter, the X85 maintains the functionality, flexibility and format friendly design of the original, and adds all-new features to keep it - and your operation - in pace with the changing market.

The X85 multiple application video and audio platform features up to eight AES inputs and outputs, and up to 32 channels of internal audio processing - packing the industry’s most advanced technology into its space-saving 1RU frame.

Dual-channel processing ensures maximum efficiency. An affordable, linear frame rate conversion option converts 59.94 Hz and 50 Hz-based signals. For live productions, a profanity-avoidance option delays the program, giving the operator time to bailout to an alternate signal in master control. And software-enabled 3 Gb/s upgrade capability ensures an easy, economical move anytime you’re ready to make the transition to 1080p.

  • Dual channel up/down/cross converter for true dual path processing with 3DTV capability
  • Two auto detected inputs for .27/1.5/3 Gb/s
  • Audio, data and metadata embedding/de-embedding for .27/1.5/3 Gb/s
  • Active format description (AFD) for .27/1.5/3 Gb/s
  • Many modes of operation for single point multiple applications from mobile to production to ingest to outbound signal processing
  • Dual fiber input and output which may be a field retrofit
  • V2A video to audio timing measurement for .27/1.5/3 Gb/s
  • Color correctors for .27/1.5/3 Gb/s
  • Media monitoring over Ethernet - basic (video only). Optional streaming video and audio
  • DVI-D (720p, 1080i, 1080p) output
  • 8, 16 or 32 channels core audio processing
  • Optional internal audio decoder (Dolby E/AC-3)
  • Optional internal audio encode (Dolby E/AC-3) or optional DTS Neural Surround Up/DownMix, MultiMerge and DTS Neural Loudness Control
  • SNMP-enabled (optional)
  • CEA-608 to CEA-708 transcode
  • SMPTE RDD-8 teletext closed captions for up and down conversion
  • HD/SD logo with SD memory card (trouble slide, side bar keying)
  • I-WINGS side bar keying with video input


  • Weight and dimension measurements
  • Weight Fully loaded unit, no power cords: 11 lbs (4.9 kg)
  • Breakout cables (each): 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Height 1RU, 1.75 in. (4.5 cm)
  • Width 19 in. (48.3 cm)
  • Depth (includes extruding knobs and BNCS) 21.5 in. (54.6 cm)
  • Component Description Power Consumption @ 115VAC
  • X85/X75 Frame with Mainboard 17.2 W
  • Local Control Panel 7.0 W
  • Blank Front Panel 5.3 W
  • X75OPT-HDUPG HDTV Module 28.4 W
  • 8-, 16-, or 32-Channel Audio Submodule 19.7 W (8- and 16-channel)
  • 6.1 W (32-channel)
  • Analog Video in Submodule (A3D or PQM) 7.9 W
  • Streaming Submodule 4.0 W
  • Second Power Supply Adds extra 5% to single power supply system configuration
  • X85OPT-HDUPG HDTV Module 33.6 W
  • Operating Temperature Range 41º to 95º F (5 to 35º C)

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