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De Sisti MAGIS 300/500/650 W,  M.O.
De Sisti MAGIS 300/500/650 W,  M.O. De Sisti MAGIS 300/500/650 W,  M.O.

De Sisti MAGIS 300/500/650 W, M.O.

Fresnel Spotlight (Halogen)

474,81 ¤ inkl. 19% MwSt
399,00 ¤ netto
innerhalb von 6-10 Tagen versandfertig innerhalb von 6-10 Tagen versandfertig

UVP: 503,00 ¤ netto
Sie sparen: 104,00 ¤ (20,68 %)


  • Compact, highly efficient Fresnel lens spotlight using tungsten-quartz-halogen filament lamps having GY 9,5 socket, L.C.L. of 46,5 mm. and max. 650 kW power.
  • 120 mm diameter high quality, shock resistant Borosilicate glass Fresnel lens on spring supports.
  • Rugged and Lightweight STAINLESS STEEL housing with low glare black epoxy powder coating, with internal double walls and reinforces.
  • High efficiency convection cooling.
  • GY 9,5 bi-post socket for tungsten halogen lamps.
  • Special bimetallic clad aluminum reflector for high degree of reflectivity and thermal resistance for long life.
  • Brass Helix Screw on TEFLON socket driven focus mechanism which guides Teflon bushings supported lamp carriage along 2 stainless steel rails. This ensures smooth operation, and restricts bouncing or chattering of the lamp carriage during focusing, in any tilting position of the fixture, avoiding lamp failures during operation. The Teflon bushings also provide a wiping action, which cleans the stainless steel guide rails during focus. The focusing mechanism can be activated from the rear of the fixture and the whole spot to flood action is accomplished with 1 and half turn of the focusing knob.
  • The unit is equipped with a hinged lens door with wire-guard for easy access to the lamp, it includes 4 accessory holding brackets. One of the 4 brackets has a locking knob and is spring loaded, it can be locked to either safely hold barndoor, color frame and scrims or to be rotated 90° and locked in an open position for fast accessories changes.
  • The accessories are secure regardless of the orientation of the fixture. Accessories have been designed for one hand installation.
  • Available with either positive lock manual yokes for comfort and ease of handling, or pole operated yokes which can be used via the lighting pole for Panning and Tilting the lights as well as manually, since the mechanical activators are equipped with clutches.


  • 120 mm. lens
  • 3 mt. power cable
  • 20 A inline toggle switch
  • GY9,5 lamp holder
  • wire guard (Mod. 305.310)
  • M.O. stirrup with 16 mm. Socket (Mod. 300.100.40)
  • four leaf rotating barndoor (Mod. 306.100)
  • colour frame (Mod. 307.100)


HINWEIS: Diese Lampe / dieses Leuchtmittel ist für die Ausleuchtung bei Film-, Video- & Fotoaufnahmen vorgesehen und für die Raumbeleuchtung im Haushalt nicht geeignet!

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