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Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad
Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad

Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad

Completely universal shoulder pad system

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The QR Shoulder Pad is a completely universal curved, padded shoulder pad system. The shoulder pad is designed to sit directly under your camera or baseplate putting the camera on top of your shoulder as in a traditional ENG style set up. We call this our Recoil system and it can be adapted to most every type of camera. Having your camera directly on your shoulder eliminates the need for counterbalance which means your kit can be lighter and shorter.

The QR Shoulder Pad is a two part system that includes the shoulder pad itself and a separate (but included) dovetail plate that screws into the bottom of your camera or baseplate just like an ordinary tripod plate. The shoulder pad is set at an angle and made of form-fitting Akton Polymer, gel pad to settle comfortably into your shoulder. The dovetail plate comes with one (1) ¼ 20 and one (1) 3/8 16 screw in sliding tracks that allows you to position the plate at any point under your baseplate for comfort and balance. At the side of the shoulder pad is a quick release red lever. When tight, the lever is rock solid and will hold the pad in place. When the lever is pushed out and set at a right angle to the plate, you can slide the pad forwards and back on the dovetail plate to set the correct placement for your shoulder. When the lever is all the way extended, it releases from the dovetail completely. The dovetail plate can then act as a traditional tripod plate and snap directly into a tripod quick release plate on your tripod, monopod, slider or other standard piece of equipment.

NOTE: The dovetail plate included with this shoulder pad is compatible with Kessler, Arca Swiss or Really Right Stuff quick release plates. If you want to quickly be able to move from shoulder rig to tripod, you will need to have a Kessler, Acra Swiss or Really Right Stuff quick release plate on your tripod. Zacuto will be releasing a tripod quick release adapter plate that stays on your tripod in mid-Summer 2013. We will also be releasing a QR Shoulder Pad Rod Clamp. This will attach the QR Shoulder Pad onto 15mm lightweight spaced rods. This allows you to position the QR Shoulder Pad behind the camera.

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Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad Rod Clamp
For attaching the QR Shoulder Pad to a pair of 15mm rods
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Zacuto QR Dovetail
For moving your QR Shoulder Pad quickly back and forth between cameras
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Zacuto TAP Slide
Zur Verwendung mit Zacuto Stativadapterplatte
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