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Sachtler Ace Shoulder Rig

Sachtler Ace Shoulder Rig

Shoulder Mount and Hand Grips

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The shoulder rig, including a Shoulder Mount and Hand Grips, completes the Ace family (together with the tripod system and the accessories) and allows a ready to shoot solution from a premium camera supports brand, without having to look and check for other brands. It just works out of the box.

Key Features:

  • Extends and complements user's workflow
  • Allows for stable support and framing
  • Offering versatility and high performance as well as comfort
  • Shoulder mount: solid point of contact and support for secure and smooth off-tripod shooting
  • Hand grips: adjustable handles are fitted on a Universal Mount by two flyout arms that can be angled independently to bring the handles closer together or set them farther apart. When the Ace rig is mounted on a fluid head, the handles can be used as double pan bars.

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