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Sony SR-R1000

Sony SR-R1000

SR-Memory Deck mit Dual Link 3G-SDI und 4 Steckplätzen für SR-Memorykarten

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The SR-R1000 is an ultra high-speed, new-generation storage system suitable for a variety of applications in live, broadcast, and post-production, including multi-camera ISO recording, instant replay clip feeder, high-speed multi-ingest, cache storage, and more. Thanks to the outstandingly high bandwidth of the SRMemory platform, the SR-R1000 can handle 2D, 3D, 1080p, and 4K, all in one unit, offering unparalleled professional creativity.

  • Outstanding picture quality by incorporating Sony's industry-standard HDCAM-SR codec, the MPEG-4 simple studio profile (SStP)
  • 4 x dual-stream channels
  • Powerful stereoscopic 3D operation - 1080p 3D & RGB 3D
  • Multi-format - 1280x720, 1920x1080, 2048x1080/1556
  • 4K recording & playback
  • 16-channel audio
  • 4 TB removable storage (8 TB internal storage for future option)
  • Network capability
  • Format converter & multi-monitor output
  • Versatile control protocol & interoperability

High-speed, High-capacity Removable Storage

The SRMASTER Series adopts the SRMemory card as its recording media. SRMemory cards are unique in the industry for achieving a guaranteed read/write speed of up to 5 Gbps, and offering a storage capacity of up to 1 TB, all within an exceptionally small, light-weight form factor. Unlike other general purpose IT memory cards and SSDs, SRMemory card guarantees the data throughput thanks to Sony´s proprietary memory control algorithm. With this extreme recording/playback capability, SRMemory cards are ideal storage devices for applications including 3D production and high frame rate 4K digital cinematography. A single SRMemory card can simultaneously record up to three 3D camera rigs and stunt replay from any one of them.

Mastering Quality Files

SRMASTER products employ the MPEG-4 SStP (Simple Studio Profile) image compression scheme that´s also used by the HDCAM SR VTR product range. Fully tested and proven, SStP is an intra-frame/field visually lossless compression algorithm that records 10-bit or 12-bit RGB or 10-bit 4:2:2 image files which can be edited natively by many leading nonlinear editing platforms. As well as existing SR-HQ (880-Mbps) and SR-SQ (440 Mbps) modes, SRMASTER products support an additional compression level called SR-Lite (220 Mbps at 1080/59i) to serve HDTV programme production. Up to 16 channels of uncompressed audio tracks and associated metadata can be recorded, all wrapped in an industry-standard MXF wrapper. Due to the wide recording bandwidth of SR Memory cards, uncompressed DPX files can be recorded as well as 4K camera RAW files.

Multi-format and Future-proof

SRMASTER products support 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M) for a real-time image/audio/data interface. All SRMASTER products support full-bandwidth RGB, 4:2:2/1080/60p, and stereoscopic 3D recording, while certain products additionally support real-time 4K (4096 x 2160) and QFHD (3840/2160) recording/playback. Natively recorded files can be shared in the post-production environment, thanks to the high-speed network connectivity of the SR-R1000 recorder and SRPC-5 data transfer unit (up to 10Gbps).

Speedy Operation

The removable SRMemory cards can instantly mount/un-mount to the recording/playback device. Users can access any frame in the SRMemory card within a maximum delay of just six frames. In addition, you can duplicate material between multiple SRMemory cards at the maximum speed of the card - for example, a 1 TB card containing 10 hours of HDTV content can be duplicated within approximately 30 minutes.

High Security

The SRMemory card has a powerful built-in data salvage system which means that precious images and data can be retrieved in the event of memory chip failure caused, for example, by power loss.* In addition, to prevent unauthorized access to content, SRMemory cards and the files they hold can be password protected.

MPEG-4 Simple Studio Profile

A variety of operating levels are supported from SR-Lite (220 Mbps), and SR-SQ (440 Mbps), up to SR-HQ (880 Mbps). Both 4:2:2 (10-bit) and RGB 4:4:4 (10-bit and 12-bit) recording are supported. DPX recording is also supported for applications that require uncompressed recording.

4 x Dual-stream Channels

The SR-R1000 comes as standard in a 1-Out configuration, and can be expanded to handle up to four channels in flexible configurations - 3-In/1-Out, 2-In/2-Out, 1-In/3-Out, or 4-Out - by installing optional SRK-R201 or SRK-R202 Input/Output boards. Each A/V channel of the SR-R1000 is designed to handle up to dual-stream video, which allows users to record and playback one pair of 3D stereoscopic signals or key/fill signals just with one A/V channel. All four A/V channels can be operated simultaneously, thanks to high-speed SRMemory cards. This increases productivity during live operation and post-production.

Powerful Stereoscopic 3D Operation - 1080P 3D & RGB 3D

The SR-R1000 brings a new 3D production level to live operation and post-production. Each A/V channel of the SR-R1000 comes equipped with a dual-link 3G-SDI interface, making 3D stereoscopic production easier and more affordable. The SR-R1000 can handle up to four channels of 1080p 3D signals, or RGB 4:4:4 3D signals.

Multi-format - 1280x720, 1920x1080, 2048x1080/1556

Building on the extraordinary multi-format recording capability of HDCAM-SR VTRs, the SR-R1000 supports the following formats: 1280x720/4:2:2, 1920x1080/4:2:2, 1920x1080/4:4:4, 2048x1080/4:4:4, and 2048x1556/4:4:4.

4K Recording & Playback

When configured to handle four streams of HD/2K signal, the SR-R1000 can record and playback 4K images (3840x2160, 4096x2160) over quad HD-SDI or quad 3G-SDI. Playback while recording is supported even in 4K operation.

16-channel Audio

Each A/V channel supports 16-channel uncompressed digital audio (24-bit, 48 kHz/96 kHz*), along with a split-edit capability for audio and video. (Supports 8-channel audio in case of 96kHz.)

4 TB Removable Storage (8 TB Internal Storage with a Future Option)

The SR-R1000 has four slots for removable SR Memory cards. Each slot can be loaded with a 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB memory card, providing up to 4 TB of storage capacity (additional 8 TB of internal fixed memory storage will be supported with a future option). As soon as, for example, a live event finishes, you can instantly eject the SRMemory cards to take to the postproduction facility - no more wasting time waiting for data to off-load.

Network Capability

The SR-R1000 has a network file transfer capability over two Gigabit Ethernet ports (future 10GbE option), and supports FTP-protocol file transfer in the MXF (MPEG4 SStP) format.

Format Converter & Multi-monitor Output

The SRK-R202 Output Board is equipped with an internal format converter that provides SDTV down-converted outputs from 1080 and 720 recordings, 2-3 pull-down, cross-conversion between 1080 and 720, and between 4:2:2 and 4:4:4. Multi-monitor output enables real-time monitoring of all four SR-R1000 video channels.

Versatile Control Protocol & Interoperability

The SR-R1000 can be fully controlled by switcher and slow-motion controllers, separately for each A/V channel. The system is compatible with the most popular control protocols such as Sony´s VTR/Disc protocol and VDCP. When working in a live operation or post-production environment with MVS switchers, the SR-R1000 can be used as a 2D/3D clip feeder, synchronized key/fill source, graphics feeder, or temporary buffer for compositing. The SR-R1000 also offers flawless integration with third-party tools and the most popular craft editors, including Avid Media Composer™ and Apple Final Cut Pro™.

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