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Sony PDW-HD1200

Sony PDW-HD1200

XDCAM HD422 Professional Disc Recorder

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Smooth migration to tapeless, file-based HD operation

The PDW-HD1200 single laser head (drive) Professional Disc recorder provides a wide range of AV and IT interfaces including HD-SDI, SD-SDI, i.LINK and Ethernet. The high-performance disc recorder has less features than the PDW-HD1500 but maintains the same field-proven operability, making it an ideal companion to the affordable PDW-680 Professional Disc camcorder.

Compact, flexible recording device

The PDW-HD1200 provides outstanding MPEG HD422 picture quality as well as an uncompromising 8 channel (HD-SDI), 24 bit audio recording capability, all packed in a compact half-rack-size deck. With its unique ability to support three different power sources (AC, DC, or battery power), its large 4.3-inch LCD, and its built-in speaker, the PDW-HD1200 performs as a versatile and high-quality recorder suitable for both in-house and field operations.

Viewable area, measured diagonally

HD and SD recordings and playback for a broad range of applications. The PDW-HD1200 can record and playback in MPEG IMX and DVCAM formats in the SD domain as standard. Additionally, it is equipped with an up/down converter, which is highly useful when employing both HD- and SD-format materials in mixed operation. What’s more, the RS-422 interface and Gigabit Ethernet enables the PDW-HD1200 to be used as a player deck for linear editing and a feeder deck for non-linear editing. With innovative high performance and sophisticated operability, the PDW-HD1200 is an affordable yet highly reliable recording tool for a broad range of HD production applications.


This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hassle-free repairs and a helpline offering expert technical advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment, and your business.


Powerful nonlinear recording on Professional Disc media

Media characteristics are critical to video production workflow. Sony’s Professional Disc media are highly reliable yet cost effective, and specifically developed with utmost consideration for professional recording applications. Sony’s media provide many exceptional features including superb operational flexibility via split-second random accessibility, without the need to cue up when starting recording. Professional Discs also provide exceptional cost efficiency with long archival life and long recording times in MPEG HD422 – up to 95 minutes (50 Mbps) with the PFD-50DLA (recordable time depends on the total number of recorded files, and recording conditions).

Multi-format capability in HD and SD

The PDW-HD1200 has a highly flexible multi-format capability as standard. Users can select recording and playback formats from HD (MPEG HD422 and MPEG HD420) and SD (MPEG IMX50/40/30 and DVCAM) in a variety of frame frequencies. In addition, with its up- and down-conversion function, the PDW- HD1200 is ideal for integration into an existing SD production system and also for future HD operation. Interlace mode only. Progressive mode is not supported.

Variety of interfaces

The PDW-HD1200 is a perfect addition to an existing NLE system, thanks to its versatile input and output interfaces: RS-422 9-pin remote control interface, enabling the deck to be used as a feeder for linear editing; i.LINK File Access Mode (FAM) and Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed file transfer; and HDMI monitoring output for more flexibility.

Easy and intuitive file-based operation

With XDCAM HD422 products, video and audio signals are recorded as clip files and their thumbnails are automatically generated. The PDW-HD1200 provides a Thumbnail Search function that enables users to search for a particular scene with ease, and this greatly increases editing efficiency.

Similar operability to tape-based devices

The PDW-HD1200 is equipped with a jog/shuttle dial, providing VTR-like operation (Jog: -1 to +1 times normal speed, Variable: -1 to +1 times normal speed, Shuttle: -20 to +20 times normal speed by proxy). This makes operating the PDW-HD1200 feel very familiar, and enables easy migration from tape-based operation.

Three-way power source selection

This Professional Disc recorder can operate on AC, DC, and battery power, making it highly versatile and suitable for both in-house and field operations (for example in a studio or OB vehicle). The battery is attached with an optional BKP-L551. Power consumption of the PDW-HD1200 is lower than that of the PDW-HD1500 by approximately 11 W.

Compact and lightweight

This compact recorder is ideal for space-limited operation in, for example, an OB vehicle or helicopter thanks to its halfrack- size body and light weight of just 6.5 kg (14 lb 5 oz).

Beneficial functions for field operation

The PDW-HD1200 is equipped with a large easy-to-see 4.3-inch colour LCD display and a built-in audio speaker that enables users to quickly search and check recorded clips.

Technische Daten

  • Power Requirements: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC 12 V
  • Power Consumption: AC: 65 W, DC: 55 W
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C (42°F to 104°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
  • Humidity: 25% to 90% (relative humidity)
  • Mass: 6.5 kg (14 lb 5 oz)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 210 x 132 x 396 mm (8 3/8 x 5 1/4 x 15 5/8 inches) (excluding protrusions)
  • Recording/Playback Format (Video)
    MPEG HD422 (CBR, 50 Mbps)
    MPEG HD:
    HQ mode (VBR, maximum bit rate: 35 Mbps)
    SP mode (CBR, 25 Mbps)
    LP mode (VBR, maximum bit rate: 18 Mbps)
    MPEG IMX (CBR, 50/40/30 Mbps)
    DVCAM (CBR, 25 Mbps)
  • Recording/Playback Format (Audio)
    MPEG HD422: 8 ch/24 bits/48 kHz
    MPEG HD: 4 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
    MPEG IMX: 4 ch/24 bits/48 kHz or 8 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
    DVCAM: 4 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
  • Recording/Playback Format (Proxy Video): MPEG-4
  • Recording/Playback Format (Proxy Audio): A-law (8 ch/8 bits/8 kHz)
  • Recording/Playback Time (MPEG HD422) 50 Mbps: Approx. 95 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 43 min (PFD23A)
  • Recording/Playback Time (MPEG HD)
    35 Mbps, 4-ch audio: More than 145 min (PFD50DLA), More than 65 min (PFD23A)
    35 Mbps, 2-ch audio (playback only): More than 150 min (PFD50DLA), More than 68 min (PFD23A)
    25 Mbps, 4-ch audio: Approx. 190 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 85 min (PFD23A)
    25 Mbps, 2-ch audio (playback only): Approx. 200 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 90 min (PFD23A)
    18 Mbps, 4-ch audio (playback only): More than 248 min (PFD50DLA), More than 112 min (PFD23A)
    18 Mbps, 2-ch audio (playback only): More than 265 min (PFD50DLA), More than 122 min (PFD23A)
  • Recording/Playback Time (MPEG IMX)
    50 Mbps: Approx. 100 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 45 min (PFD23A)
    40 Mbps: Approx. 120 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 55 min (PFD23A)
    30 Mbps: Approx. 150 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 68 min (PFD23A)
  • Recording/Playback Time (DVCAM) 25 Mbps: Approx. 185 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 85 min (PFD23A)
  • Search Speed Range (Shuttle Mode) -20 times to +20 times normal speed
  • Search Speed Range (Variable Mode) -1 times to +1 times normal speed
  • Search Speed Range (Jog Mode) -1 time to +1 time normal speed
  • Search Speed Range (Fast Forward/Reverse) -30/+30 times normal speed
  • Media Type Professional Disc Drive (x1)
  • Reference Input: BNC (x2) (including loop-through), HD Tri-level sync (0.6 Vp-p/75 O/negative) or SD blackburst/composite sync (0.286 Vp-p/75 O/negative)
  • HD-SDI Input: BNC (x1), (HD/SD switchable), HD-SDI: SMPTE 292M (w/embedded audio), SD-SDI: SMPTE 259M (w/embedded audio)
  • Analog Audio Input: XLR-type 3-pin (female) (x2) (channel selectable), +4/0/-3/-6 dBu (selectable), 10 kO, balanced
  • Timecode Input: BNC (x1), SMPTE timecode, 0.5 Vp-p to 18 Vp-p/3.3 kO/unbalanced
  • Analog Composite Output BNC (x2), 1: 1.0 Vp-p/75 O/negative, SMPTE 170M, 2: 1.0 Vp-p/75 O/negative, SMPTE 170M, character On/Off
  • HD-SDI Output BNC (x2), 1: SMPTE 292M (w/embedded audio), 2: SMPTE 292M (w/embedded audio), character on/off
  • SD-SDI Output BNC (x2), 1: SMPTE 259M (w/embedded audio), 2: SMPTE 259M (w/embedded audio), character on/off
  • HDMI Output TYPE A 19-pin (x1), Video : 1080i, 480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, Audio : 2 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
  • Analog Audio Output XLR-type 3-pin (male) (x2) (channel selectable), +4/0/-3/-6 dBu (selectable), 600 O, Lo-z, balanced
  • Analog Audio Monitor XLR-type 3-pin (male) (x2), +4 dBu, 600 O, Lo-Z, balanced
  • Headphone Output JM-60 Stereo phone jack (x1), -13 dBu, 8 O, unbalanced
  • Timecode Output BNC (x1), SMPTE timecode, 1.0 Vp-p/75 O/unbalanced
  • i.LINK IEEE 1394 6-pin (x1), File Access Mode
  • Ethernet RJ-45 (x1), 1000BASE-T: IEEE 802.3ab, 100BASE-TX: IEEE 802.3u, 10BASE-T: IEEE 802.3
  • USB (x2) for Maintenance, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse
  • Remote Input (9-pin) D-sub 9-pin (female) (x1), RS-422A
  • DC Input (12 V) XLR-type 4-pin (male) (x1)
  • DC Output (12 V) 4-pin (female) (x1), DC 12 V, 7.5 W
  • AC Input AC Input (x1), 100 V to 240 V, 50/60Hz
  • Sampling Frequency Y: 74.25 MHz, Pb/Pr: 37.125MHz
  • Quantization 8 bits/sample
  • Error Correction Reed Solomon Code
  • Video Level -8 to +3 dB
  • Chroma Level -8 to +3 dB
  • Set Up/Black Level -30 IRE to +30 IRE/-210 mV to +210 mV
  • Chroma Phase -30° to +30°
  • System Sync Phase -15 µs to +15 µs
  • System SC Phase 0 ns to 400 ns
  • Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
  • Quantization 24 bits
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz +0.5/-1.0 dB (0 dB at 1 kHz)
  • Dynamic Range More than 90 dB
  • Distortion Less than 0.05% (at 1 kHz)
  • Headroom -20/-18/-16/-12 dB (selectable)
  • Built-in Display 4.3-inch type color LCD monitor
  • Built-in Speaker Monaural (x1)
  • Operation gaide (1), XDCAM Application Software CD-ROM (1)
    1 The values for dimensions are approximate
    2 Playback only

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