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Sony BVM-E170A

Sony BVM-E170A

16,5'' TRIMASTER EL OLED-Referenzmonitor

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For professional applications such as colour grading, high-end editing, broadcasting and scientific research, Sony’s leading edge Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology and signals processing technology ensures absolutely outstanding performance with the BVM-E170A. The colour shift depending on the viewing angle has reduced to less than half compared to a conventional OLED panel. It allows several people to evaluate the image with extreme accuracy at the same time, increasing the monitor’s versatility in top end monitoring solutions.

Super Top Emission technology enhances OLED’s intrinsic benefits to deliver outstanding black performance, a quick response time with virtually no motion blur, and a wide colour gamut. A 12-bit output digital signal processing engine provides a nonlinear cubic conversion colour-management system that delivers precise colour reproduction, stunning picture uniformity, smoother-than-ever gamma performance, and picture quality consistency. The BVM-E170A accepts various computer signals input up to 1920 x 1080 through its HDMI connector. It is also equipped with Digital Cinema features.


  • Dramatically improved viewing angle:
    The colour shift depending on viewing angle has reduced to less than half (less than 50%) compared to a conventional OLED panel. Viewing angle is no longer an issue in practical usage, where three people in front of the monitor can evaluate at the same time across a 45 degrees angle.
  • Super Top Emission technology:
    Sony's Super Top Emission technology has a micro-cavity structure, which incorporates colour filters. The micro-cavity structure uses an optical resonance effect to enhance colour purity and improve light-emission efficiency. In addition, the colour filter of each RGB further enhances the colour purity of emitted light, and reduces ambient light reflection:
  • Ultimate Sony display engine:
    High-precision signal processing engine has been developed to fulfil the reference monitor criteria and is optimized to maximize OLED panel performance. This engine incorporates 12-bit output accuracy at each process, and provides both a high quality I/P conversion algorithm and a highly accurate colour management system.
  • Multi-format signal support:
    The BVM-E170A monitor can accept almost any SD or HD video format, both analogue and digital, and variable computer signals up to 1920 × 1080. In addition to the standard inputs, four option board slots are offered to configure this monitor according to different user needs.
  • Versatile video inputs:
    This monitor is equipped as standard with two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, an HDMI (with HDCP) input and a DisplayPort connector. In addition, four option ports are available to accept analogue or digital input adaptors.
  • Four slots for optional video input decoders:
    The monitor can accept up to four optional video input boards simultaneously. Available formats include analogue, composite, Y/C, components, RGB and digital 3G/HD/SD SDI.
  • 3D signal analysing functions (3D signal input, 2D display):
    By installing the optional BKM-250TG 3G/HD-SDI input adaptor (serial number 7200001 or later), the BVM-E170A can support a variety of 3D signal analyses. The 3D signals are displayed in 2D mode.
  • Built-in colour sensor for Auto White adjustment:
    The BVM-E170A is equipped with a built-in colour sensor, which allows users to calibrate the monitor’s colour temperature (white balance) as needed without anexternal probe. Calibration performance is minimally affected by ambient light.This function ensures colour and gamma consistency, and reduces user maintenance tasks.
  • High quality I/P conversion technology:
    The BVM-E170A monitor uses a sophisticated I/P conversion technique that keeps artefacts that are often seen in flat panel displays to a minimum such as edge jaggedness, conversion errors, etc.
  • 2K picture resolution:
    The 2048 Image Slide function of the BVM-E170A allows 2K resolution (2048 x 1080 pixels) images to be mapped, pixel-to-pixel, on the full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) panel without picture degradation. The monitor is equipped with a slide function that allows the display of missing pixels in native mode from the left and right part of the picture.
  • HD Frame Capture mode:
    The HD Frame Capture function of the BVM Series allows a picture frame from the 3G-SDI and HD-SDI input to be captured and saved as a picture file on a Memory Stick media. This picture file can be used as a reference for various purposes, for example, as for picture-tone adjustments between past images and for camera-framing adjustments.
  • Separate control unit with memory stick slot:
    A separate control unit BKM-16R is available for the BVM-E170A. It is equipped with a Memory Stick socket enables users to download and save all monitor set-ups such as input channel configuration, control preset adjustments, white balance settings and maintenance parameters.
  • Centralised monitor-wall control:
    The BVM Series monitors and the BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit are equipped with an Ethernet port, allowing remote control of display parameters across a standard Ethernet connection. One BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit can control up to thirty-two (32) BVM monitors.
  • Character Off button:
    To facilitate parameter adjustments, the On-Screen Menu indication can be taken off the screen, while in Menu mode. The On-Screen Menu indication can be toggled on or off with a simple press of a button on the BKM-16R’s front panel.
  • Copy function for monitor setup and adjustment data:
    The optional BKM-16R control unit includes a Memory Stick slot to save and load monitor configuration and adjustment settings. This is useful for multiple monitor systems, allowing the transfer of one monitor’s setup and adjustment data to another.This data can also be transferred via the BVM’s Ethernet connection.
  • +12dB Chroma UP function:
    A Chroma UP button located on the front panel of the BKM-16R allows the Chroma level to be boosted by +12dB. This is a convenient feature for adjusting camera white balance with a higher degree of accuracy.
  • Marker settings:
    BVM Series monitors can display various markers, including an aspect marker, safe area marker and centre marker. In addition to this flexible selection of marker types, detailed display settings of each marker are offered. For example, the colour, brightness, horizontal/vertical position and width of aspect markers can all be controlled, while the height and width of safe area markers can be adjusted.
  • Aspect switch:
    The aspect ratio can be switched between 4:3, 16:9, 2.39: 1 and 1.896:1 depending on the input signal.
  • Wide variety of functions:
    The user has a wide variety of over 40 functions to choose from. Each of these can be assigned to any of the 16 function buttons (F1 to F16) on the BKM-16R controller. Press ENTER to display the F1 to F8 (or F9 to F16) button assignment on screen.
  • Status display:
    Simply assign STATUS to one of the function buttons (F1 to F16) on the BKM-16R controller. The user can instantly grasp the whole monitor status and configurations without having to search through menus.
  • Low video delay
  • Panel calibration
  • Colour feedback system
  • Interlaced display mode
  • Picture & Picture mode
  • Pixel zoom mode
  • Gamut error display
  • S-LOG gamma
  • Scan Switch
  • Native Scan (pixel-to-pixel display)

Mitgeliefertes Zubehör

  • 2 Jahre PrimeSupport (siehe rechts unter "Downloads")
  • AC power cord x1
  • AC plug holder x1
  • Bracket x1
  • Rack mount bracket x2
  • Operation Manual (Japanese, English) each x 1
  • CD-ROM x1, Using the CD-ROM Manual x1

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