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Compact Flash Pro Card für HDV, 16 GB -Aufnahmedauer ca. 72 Minuten (VPE:1 Stück)

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Tapeless recording for HDV DVCAM and DV formats. Sony´s latest HDV camcorders break new ground. Not only are they designed for interchangeable lenses, but they also offer a choice of recording to cassette tape or to CompactFlash memory cards. As a result, these camcorders form the ideal bridge from the standard definition tape-based world to the high definition file-based world! To match this capability, Sony has created a series of professional CompactFlash cards that offer fast, 100% certified transfer speeds to nonlinear editors and a broader range of operating temperature than consumer-grade CompactFlash cards.

  • Streamlined workflow with fast, filebased transfer to nonlinear editors
  • Split-second random access - there´s no fast forward, no rewind, no need to "cue up" to the end of the last recorded clip
  • Long recording times - longer than PC cards - approximately 72 minutes for the 16 GB card
  • Incredible durability - the ultimate in simplicity, CompactFlash cards have no moving parts so they better withstand shock and vibration as well as repeated cycles of record, transfer, erase and re-record
  • Recommended media for Sony CompactFlash Camcorders
  • Smaller and lighter than PC cards, for convenient handling
  • Streamlined recording - when you record to tape with Sony HDV CompactFlash camcorders, the memory recording unit can also record to a CompactFlash card. You can save your safety or master copy on DigitalMaster tape while benefitting from the speed of ingest to NLE systems that the Pro CF cards provide

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