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ABC Products Kran 100
ABC Products Kran 100 ABC Products Kran 100 ABC Products Kran 100 ABC Products Kran 100 ABC Products Kran 100
Product no.:ABC_8314-0

ABC Products Kran 100

Large Travel Crane with professional accessories + separable Tower Tube

8.746,50 ¤ incl. 19% VAT
7.350,00 ¤ net
Ready for shipping within 6-10 days Ready for shipping within 6-10 days

206,93 ¤ / month (36 months lease 10% Declining balance)


  • Separable king post for more space allowance indoors
  • Light construction with square profiles 9 x 9 cm (3.54 inch), provides extreme rigidity
  • Additionally, crane segments are bolted together for optimum resistance to torsion
  • Circular openings in the segments provide for weight reduction
  • High weight addition of 20 kg (44.09 lb) in version 8
  • Short assembly times! (complete assembly in approx. 20 minutes)
  • 3 different assembly lengths incl. strengthened rig sets (small/medium/large)
  • Operation with strengthened tripod 132X
  • System is universally deployable may be used with strengthened "Bull Stand or Dolly CD5/CD 6"

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 79.36 lb /36 kg
  • Dimension when packed 69.68 x 14.57 x 11.42 in / 177 x 37 x 29 cm
  • Max. payload 44.09 lb / 20 kg
  • Counterweight 231.49 lb / 105 kg
  • Weights split 6 x 35.27 lb, 17.64 lb ; 8.82 lb / 6 x 16 kg ; 8 kg ; 4 kg

Package includes:

  • 1 Crane-head segment
  • 1 End segment
  • 2 Extension segments
  • 1 Main segment with foldable outrigger and two-piece tower-tube
  • 1 Weight tube / safety rings
  • 1 Crane prop
  • 1 Clamp unit (brake) with clamp lever
  • 1 Hand-adjustment lever (control rig crane head angle)
  • 2 integrated water-levels
  • 1 Star screw M12 for crane prop
  • 1 Crane-head with Euro mount connection for Remote Head
  • 1 Rig Set 3 control rigs for crane angle setup
  • 1 Rig Set 3 outrigger rigs (lateral bracing)
  • 1 Rig Set 3 tower rigs (carrying brace) for versions 5.01 m (16.44 ft) / 6.56 m (21.52 ft) / 8.11 m (26.61 ft)
  • 1 Screw Set M6 segment screws 15 pcs. + 3 spare screws
  • 1 Manual

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