Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.
Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.

Archiware P5 Sync Edition

Software bundle consisting of: P5 Backup and P5 Synchronize with license for 1 server with 1 drive each, Server Agent with 4 additional server licenses, Media Management + Storage with 1 license for 25 slots/50 TB
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Properties P5 Sync Edition:

This software bundle provides a widespread and professional protection of any data. It contains solutions to backup server data to disk or tape and a continuous synchronisation by mirroring data stored on servers, RAIDs, Xsan and SAN systems as failover. All applications of the P5 Sync Edition are compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD and allow a cross-platform data management.

Software bundle consisting of:

  • P5 Backup (license for 1 server with 1 drive)
  • P5 Synchronize (license for 1 server with 1 drive)
  • Server Agent (4 additional server licenses)
  • Media Management + Storage (1 license for 25 slots/50 TB disk space)

Properties P5 Backup:

  • Backup server data to disk or tape drives like e.g. LTO-5
  • Backup and restore work cross-platform on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and FreeBSD (data is saved in a platform neutral format)
  • Block-direct positioning allows a very fast restore of the data
  • Snapshots offer restores from a particular point in time
  • Application is browser-based and allows easy configuration, administration and monitoring independently of location
  • Administrator can allow usersto search, browse and/or restore from the backup
  • Additionally to the data, extended attributes, permissions, resource forks etc. are saved
  • Support of multiple drives, tasks and clients simultaneously
  • Backups are interruptible and will be filled in automatically with the next run (partial backups are restorable)
  • Modular design makes the software scalable
  • Further products by Archiware (hard- and software) can be added and fitted to hardware and data needs

Properties P5 Synchronize:

  • Software for continuous data mirroring of servers, RAIDs, Xsan and SAN systems (Storage Area Network) as failover
  • Mirrored data can be accessed without the necessity of a previous restoring (e.g. when a server failure occurs)
  • Support of Xsan/SAN and FSEvents (automatic detection of modified files/file system) with subsequently backup of modified files to a pre-defined target
  • Synchronisation work cross-platform on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and FreeBSD
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) reduces the risk of data loss
  • Synchronisation can keep file versions and multiple snapshots, with these previous versions available in addition to the most up to date data clone
  • Update mode allows the creation of copies of only new and modified files (Minimising of storage footprint and network load)
  • Automatic distribution of data to different locations, easily setting a clone of your data for distribution to partners, branches or agencies
  • Data can be synced to, from and in between cloud services by using Archiware's free tool WingFS, which provides drag & drop operations
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