Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.
Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.

Analog Way VIO 4K

Video processor with many possibilities of technical image processing
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This video processor provides various opportunities around the technical processing of video footage. The range of functions extends from up and down convertingover trans- and encoding to the selection of specific areas of the image that can be played out to up to 3 independent outputs. This feature is particularlyfor operating an up to three-part LED screen/wall. There are two expansion slots for video and one for audio cards. The wide range ofexpansion cards with additional inputs and outputs expands the possibilities of the signal input and output. The TFT colour display allows a live preview andthe settings can be checked and changed.

  • Unlimited possibilities of signal conversion such as e.g. up converting, down converting, transcoding, encoding, adjusting aspect ratio,multi-format analogue genlock, dynamic test patterns, Pan & Zoom function, freeze frame, aperture correction, custom formats, EDID management, genlock / framelock
  • Web-based user interface for remote control (Web RCS)
  • 3.5" TFT colour display for live preview of all sources with sound through the headphone output and for displaying the settings
  • User-friendly and intuitive graphical interface
  • Up to 9 inputs and 3 independent outputs (with optionally available expansion cards)
  • 2 expansion slots for video and 1 expansion slot for audio
  • Wide range of expansion cards (see optional accessories)
  • Easy selection and handling of individual image sections
  • Advanced Features for LED walls
  • Signal processing with 10 bit and lossless 4:4:4 colour resolution
  • Genlock and Loop Through with Tri Level Sync (HD) and Black Burst (SD)
  • Genlock is compliant with ITU/SMPTE transmission standards
  • Issued videos can be rotated by 90°, 180° or 270°
  • Unlimited zoom in and out
  • Cross hatch and dynamic test pattern available
  • 8 channels of digital audio at up to 96 kHz (Digital Audio, AES & 3id) (optionally available expansion card OPT-AUDIOXLR-VIO4K required)
  • Audio delay up to 300 ms
  • DVI I/O boards easily swappable
  • Storage of up to 4 stills from the 4K material
  • USB host port for integration of local storage media
  • USB Device port for connection to other equipment

Supported formats:

  • Composite (PAL, NTSC)
  • S-Video
  • YUV (YCbCr)
  • Computer (RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB)
  • HD-YUV (HD-YCrCb)
  • HD-RGB
  • DVI
  • DisplayPort
  • HDMI
  • 3G-SDI
  • 6G-SDI (compliant with Level A & B)
  • 12G-SDI (optionally available expansion card OPT-12GSDI-VIO4K required)
  • Digital Audio: AES/EBU & i3d (optionally available expansion card OPT-AUDIOXLR-VIO4K required)
  • Digital Audio
  • Analogue Audio (stereo)
  • 1080p/1080i
  • 720p
  • 480p/480i
  • 2K/1080p
  • WUXGA (1920x1200 @60 Hz)
  • WQXGA (2560x1600 @60 Hz)
  • UHD (3840x2160 @30 Hz)
  • 4K (4096x2160 @30 Hz)
  • 4K @60p (optionally available expansion card OPT-QUADSDI/OUT-VIO4K required)

Data links:


  • 1x 6G-/3G-/HD-/SD-SDI, BNC
  • 1x DisplayPort (up to 4K @30 Hz)
  • 1x HDMI, type A (up to 4K @30 Hz)
  • 1x HDMI, type A (up to 2K)
  • 1x Universal analogue, D-Sub 15-pin
  • 1x DVI Dual-Link (up to 2560x1600 @60Hz)
  • 1x Genlock, BNC
  • 1x AUX/Line in, 3,5 mm stereo jack
  • 1x Optical SFP module slot (for optical 6G-SDI)


  • 1x 6G-/3G-/HD-/SD-SDI Level A, BNC
  • 1x 6G-/3G-/HD-/SD-SDI Level B, BNC
  • 1x 6G-/3G-/HD-/SD-SDI Loop Through, BNC
  • 1x HDMI, type A (up to 4K @30 Hz)
  • 1x Universal analogue, D-Sub 15-pin
  • 1x DVI Dual-Link (up to 2560x1600 @60Hz)
  • 1x Genlock Loop Through, BNC
  • 1x Headphones, 6,35 mm stereo jack
  • 1x Optical SFP module slot (for optical 6G-SDI)

Other links:

  • 1x LAN, RJ45
  • 1x USB host, type A
  • 1x USB device, type B
  • 1x Device sync, RJ45
  • 1x 3D Sync input/output
  • 1x RS-232, D-Sub 15-pin
  • 1x Expansion slot for audio inputs and outputs
  • 2x Expansion slot for video inputs and outputs

General product information:

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 44 x 8.8 x 40 cm
  • Weight: approx. 6.2 kg (without expansion cards)
  • Power supply: AC 100 - 240 V, 3,2 A, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 120 W

Included in delivery:

  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Ethernet cross cable (for device control)
  • 1x USB cable, type A to type B (for device control)
  • 1x Rack mounting set (2 rack ears)
  • 1x User manual (PDF)
  • 1x Quick start guide

Optional accessory:

  • OPT-4K60P-VIO4K: DP1.2 and HDMI 2.0 - Expansion Interface (available 2016)
  • OPT-AUDIOXLR-VIO4K: XLR Audio - Expansion Interface (available 2015)
  • OPT-QUADSDI/OUT-VIO4K: 4K@60 in (HDMI 2.0 & DP1.2) to Quad-SDI 3G out – Expansion Interface (available 2016)
  • OPT-12GSDI-VIO4K: 12G-SDI - Expansion Interface (available 2016)
  • OPT-6GSDI-VIO4K: 6G-SDI (Compliant Level A & B) - Expansion Interface (available 2016)


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