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Yamaha DM2000V2K

Version 2 Upgrade Kit für DM2000
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Version 2 Software Key Features

General New Features

Add-On Effect Capability Automix Static Insert Edit for clip based automation Fader level, Port Name on FL Display Additional Settings on User Defined Keys, Encoder Mode Additional Parameters on GPI and Recall Safe.

Advanced DAW Integration

Nuendo and Cubase SX control by selected Channel Module Surround pan control on Pro Tools Remote MMC or P2 transport control on DAW Remote Layer.

Advanced Surround Functions

6.1 Panning & Monitoring Flexible Surround Bus Setup Snap to SPL85 Additional Base Management Parameters Surround Pan On / Off (by using Follow Pan switch) Summed Monitoring of Surround Monitor Source(BUS+ASSIGN1, BUS+ASSIGN2).

Broadcast Applications

Mix Minus Operation Lock with password Pre Fader SOLO with PAN Fader / Solo Release Independent L/R Oscillator (1kHz/400Hz).

Live SR / Theater Applications

User Assignable Layer Fader Group Master Mute Group Master Alternative Layer control by Encoders Instant group assignment with User Defined Keys GEQ Fader operation AUX Pre Fader Pre ON (AUX Pre Point) Instant AUX monitoring (AUX/SOLO LINK) Global Paste to multiple scenes Global Fade Time Global Recall Safe Gain Reduction Meter.

Studio Manager V2

The Yamaha Studio Manager gives you access to the console's parameters for either on-line or off-line control, and can manage and extensive archive of mix data, scene memory and library files, and it can be used as a medium to exchange data between the Yamaha Digital Consoles. STUDIO MANAGER Version 2 application for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X platforms provide a number of enhancements that makes the already indispensable program more flexible and powerful than ever. It has now become a truly multi-client platform that can accommodate, for example, cascaded DM2000 and various Yamaha editors such as SPX2000 editor, and realize the total recall of the settings in the connected equipment. The STUDIO MANAGER Version 2 also integrates the GUI for ADD-ON EFFECTS. Click on any of the following images to view the enlarged version: Select Channel Window Layer Window Effect Patch Window Master Fader Window Meter Window.

Studio Manager Version 2 Key Features

Overall New Features

Multiple hardware support Multiple Editor Support Multiple Window support Window open/close control from the console Multiple Undo capability.

Layer Window

Hide/show blocks of parameters(Master fader block to be separated) User Assignable Layer with Fader Group Master Longer stroke meters Jump to Selected channel window by double-clicking Channel ID Display numeric value of fader level.

Master Fader Window (NEW)

Online/Offline switch.

Selected Channel Window

Long Stroke channel meter Gate Type Display.

Patch Editor window

Resizable Patch window Cursor based operation Effect Patch window showing both inputs and output to/from each effect block List and edit Port names.

Meter Window

All channel meter at a glance.

Library Window

Simultaneous operation of multiple scenes/Libraries Direct Recall from HDD Patch Library Link to Scene Memories

Automix Library Window (NEW)

Surround Editor Window

6.1 channel support.

Effect Editor Window

Add-On effects GUI support.

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