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TV One C2-6204A

CORIOview 4-Window 3G HD-SDI Multiviewer
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  • Inputs: 4x SD/HD-SDI plus 1x DVI-I for Background and Cascading
  • Output: 1x SD/HD-SDI & 1x DVI-I
  • Max. Resolution: DVI-D - 1920x1200, 1080p
  • Genlock
  • Chromakey
  • Lumakey
  • Mixing
  • Internal Audio Routing for embedded Audio Signals
  • RS232, 19", 1HE

4-Window 3G-SDI Processor is based on TV One's exclusive CORIO 2 technology and has four 3G-SDI inputs plus a DVI-I input (for window, cascade or background use) to place up to 4 sizeable windows on a single DVI-I / 3G SDI output. Each window is powered by a CORIO 2 scaler providing full PIP flexibility. 3G-SDI resolutions up to 1080p60 are supported. High performance de-interlacing with motion-adaptive noise reduction are available for interlaced SDI and YPbPr sources. The unit provides a DVI-I output as well as a duplicate 3G-SDI capable output.

All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even when power is switched off. Ten user defined presets (controllable directly from the front panel or external communications) are also available to customize settings for various applications. A built-in LCD and menu system aids quick setup. Functions can be controlled via the front panel Push Buttons, RS-232/ RS-422/RS-485 or Ethernet.

Color borders and source labeling are also provided for each window. Four Still Image Stores are built into the unit which can each display one of ten user loadable graphic images to be used in place of an input. The 5th input is available for use as a window source, background to the 4 windows, or as a cascade input from another CORIOview unit – thus adding 4 more windows per unit.

The CORIO tool Suite integrates fully with the unit and most third party control systems interface directly with the entire C2 range of products. Variable Zoom to 10X allows you to enlarge any part of the graphic image to fill the entire computer screen and position controls allow you to move around to any area desired. Variable Shrink to as little as 10% allows fitting multiple images next to each other, with full positional controls.Colored stereo audio bars are available for each window, and show the live audio activity of an SDI source.

Advanced Features include Genlock, Chromakey, Lumakey and Mixing. The Key Mode allows any window to be keyed over any other with variable priority / layer control. The keyed image may be faded in and out. The unit is housed in a 1RU case with rack mount ears provided and is powered from a standard 110-240v supply.

User-defineable Presets

Ten user defined presets (controllable directly from the front panel or external communications) are available to customize settings for various applications. The 4 scaleable windows can be positioned and layered anywhere on the output monitor. Colored borders and source labelling are also provided for each window. Four Still Image Stores are built into the unit which can each display one of ten user loadable graphic images to be used in place of an input. The fifth input can be used for a background color, unscaled video or for cascading.

Cascading 2 or more units

Several CORIOview Multiviewer units can be cascaded together to expand the number of images displayed. This example shows the combination of two units to provide eight scaled and positioned images from eight separate sources over an unscaled background.


Is an optional module for the CORIOview C2-6000 Series Multiviewers to provide both Tally and UMD support. Tally-input and Tally-output pins are available on a D25 connector and a low-current 5V output is supplied for LED power. Tally inputs can control either the border color of video sources, or the loading of user-defined Presets in the C2-6000 Series unit. An RJ45 RS-422/485 connector provides an input for under-monitor-display (UMD) systems (supporting TSL 3.1 protocol). This allows a text label to be automatically assigned to each video source. Please note that this module must be fitted at the factory or at an authorized service center – it is not user installable.

Key Features of the CORIOview C2-6204

  • 4-Window Processor
  • 4x High Quality CORIO 2 Scaling Engines
  • 4x 3G SDI inputs with re-clocked loop-thru
  • 4x Internal Still Image Stores
  • 5th input (DVI-I) for background or cascading multiple units
  • SDI support for SD/HD/3G-SDI 1080p@60Hz
  • DVI-D I/O support to 1920x1200,1080p@60Hz
  • DVI-A I/O support to 2048x2048, 1080p@60Hz
  • Analog supports RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr
  • 10 User-definable Presets for quick setup
  • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing and Noise Reduction
  • Audio monitoring via colored bars
  • Color Borders and Source Labeling
  • Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
  • Per-pixel or Percentage Scaling Control
  • Autoset - Automatic Analog Picture Sizing
  • Chromakey, Lumakey, Genlock and Mix
  • Front Panel includes LCD, Menu Control and Quick- Setup features
  • Control via RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Ethernet or Front Panel
  • CORIO Tool Suite compatible
  • Optional modules (e.g. for Tally input/output)
  • 1RU rack-mount case
  • Optional Tally Module
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