Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.
Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.

Chrosziel MN-ZR

Zoom Rocker for MagNum MN-200/150
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Zoom Rocker for MagNum Hand unit MN-150T / MN-200T (manufactured 2016 or later), includes Personal Code to activate Zoom software module.

  • Zoom IN and OUT by pressing the Zoom Rocker to top or bottom. Vary the zoom speed by pressing the Zoom Rocker only gently e.g. half way
  • To set Software Zoom Limits, assign the Zoom Limit function in the menu „Assign U Key“. Zoom to the first end stop position. Press the Zoom Limit User Key and hold it down until the LED is flashing. Zoom to the second position while pressing the user key. Release the user key, the LED continuously lights to show activation. Deactivate the Zoom Limits by pressing the user key again, the LED turns off. Reactivate the previous limits by shortly pressing the user key again
  • Zoom Soft Stop provides a gentle and soft stop at the end of the mechanical or software zoom for perfect image quality
  • The Zoom Bar displays the actual zoom position. If Software Zoom Limits are activated, the Zoom Bar shows the unselected zoom positions grayed out
  • Set Maximum Zoom Speed by using the key cross on your Hand Unit: Press left for slower, right for faster. Your main screen needs to be visible. The number in the display indicates the chosen speed
  • To zoom with maximum speed while having limited the Maximum Zoom Speed (e.g. to quickly check zoom ends), assign the Zoom Zap function in the menu „Assign U Key“. Press the Zoom Zap User Key and zoom in or out via your Zoom Rocker while pressing the user key
  • Enable / Disable the Zoom Rocker function in the menu Zoom On/Off
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